“I want to be free to live my life on my own terms” was my catch cry when I was 17, 21, and 30, and still rises within me today. Why is freedom so important to each of us? Our greatest punishment for breaking the collective rules; Prison, is the restriction of our freedom to choose even the most simple routines of life, when to eat, when to walk outside, when to sleep.

While our world is calling for a greater sense of unity, a coming together, a sense of belonging, of being part of a tribe, some form of collective, are we losing something important in the process? As we are truly free when we can express our individuality, those unique choices in life that define who we are, whats sets us on fire, what is valuable to us, what makes us different. How do you manage to express your individuality? And do you express it enough, to feel free, seen, accepted and loved…by yourself?

I could make the argument that much of the world’s troubles are because we are not finding enough time, resources, and courage to step into self expression. All the people I see who sing their own song, walk their own path, and pimp their ride their own way, are happy for others to do the same.

Harley Davidson have it nailed. While the bikes are basically the same, the options are huge, the customisation extreme, the expression of individuality actually creates the group. They unite to celebrate the differences, they join groups and ride into adventures together for the fun of it. They live the phrase “Its about the journey not the destination” perfectly. Maybe we could vote “Harley Davidson” into government – and set America free. LOL.

The Purple Guys (aka Keith and Josephine) live a life of freedom, and share their journey, walk their unique truth, and ride alongside others seeking freedom for themselves. If you resonate with this, if it plays your tune, call us and we will listen and walk with you.. +64 27 PURPLE1

Love all ways,

Keith and Josephine