Stop, stop, I quietly scream to myself. Shut up, be still, let me rest, I am going crazy! It’s my mind, and I seem to have no control over it. It wakes me up in the middle of the night, round and round on the same story. It feels like my head is so jammed up with stuff that its about to explode. What’s wrong with me!

There is nothing wrong with you. Your mind is working perfectly. It is just trying to support you, to help you make a decision. The challenge is that the link to your Heart and Passion is disconnected. Without this link our mind can not filter the information. You and I might come from the same world where getting things right, not making mistakes, where attaining information has become paramount, that we have over focused on understanding and learning stuff.

Our challenge is that the more we learn, the more we find that there are several different versions and ways to do everything. Everyone is an expert and everyone has a different opinion over what I should do and think! Sounds familiar? Don’t panic just yet!

All that is happening is that we need to bring some passion, some meaning, some purpose to all the information, so we can filter and define it. We need to make it about us, for us, within our influence. One of the best ways forward is to develop our Heart connection. It’s like a muscle, if we don’t use it enough, don’t keep it active and engaged, it wastes away. Our heart gives a deeper, more meaningful purpose, to the information mass, add some passion and we can filter the information to fit us.

You have one area in your life right now that is deeply important to you, something that you stand for, that sits still waiting for you to engage with it, and when you do…you are surprised about how strong you feel about it. If you know what this is …call us and we will show you how to use it to still your mind and find inner peace and your unlimited potential. If you don’t yet know what this is, call us anyway. I will lead you deeper into your heart and help you rebuild the pathways of consciousness between your heart and mind, giving you the ability to own your own mind, and unite it with your heart and passion. Call The Purple Guys +64 27 PURPLE1

Love all ways,

Keith and Josephine