You might believe that it is about work, stress, food, nutrition, or lack of sleep. You might hunger for some quiet time, but there is never enough. You could be an Energy Empath! Let’s describe some of the attributes of an Energy Empath.

• You keep safe and in control by keeping focus on everyone around you.
• Clutter drives you nuts.
• People are lovely though exhausting.
• You feel everything within your body.

An Empath feels everything is about them, or impacting them in some way. If any of this resonates with you, don’t worry you are not nuts! You are just sensitive, very sensitive to e-motional energy. To feel safe, to understand, to know whats happening around you, your energy spreads out and connects to other people. Thus their feelings and thoughts impact you, like waves in a pond. It’s like having a 100 simultaneous telephone conversations at once. It is emotionally, mentally, and physical exhausting! In fact, it’s often hard to work out your own feelings as you are swamped by everything around you.

Handling this situation is simple, though challenging, as it is counter-intuitive and takes some practice to master. It takes boundaries and consciousness to determine which feelings are yours, and how to respond to the extra stories and feelings from others.
Josephine and I are natural energy Empaths, and through our personal experiences, we have developed a high level of self mastery. We would love to help you feel the simplicity and stillness that is possible in every day life and every situation. Call us if this resonates with you +64 27 PURPLE1

Love all ways,

Keith and Josephine