As you gain clarity about what is truly important, what you stand for, what you define as love, your world becomes simpler and graceful. 

Finding simplicity in a busy world is challenging, however, once clear, the impossible becomes just another day.

We can help you find your pathway through the chaos, home to what is important to you and show you how to master your energy, giving you better choices and results, so you can bring your dreams to life.

You are a unique and empowered individual aspect of divine life force, full of potential, expression and personal truths.

As you become ever more conscious, the bliss of bringing your inner truth alive will inspire others.

We will hold space, as we show you how to navigate yourself home to the highest levels of consciousness that you are.

We can show you how to develop and use the many frequencies of energy available within, to hold you in love, grace and gratitude,  while you create the life you hunger for.



Your journey into consciousness is one of frequency, vibration and resonance. Within the dance of life, your energy is constantly in motion,  shifting frequency and state, seeking alignment and balance.

As your awareness and consciousness expands, you will seek simplicity, stillness and other higher frequencies to share, align and resonate with.

Having travelled our own path, we can share your transformational journey with you. We know the highs, the lows, the confusion, the delights and the ‘what if’s’.

We can show you boundaries, prepare you for each step, encourage you as you step into your individuality.

We know the change process from personal experience over many years. Allow us to walk alongside and share our wisdom as you uncover your truth.

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Our Philosophy


Each person is an individual aspect of the Divine life force, here in physical form,  to learn and experience their own version of reality and love.

For some its love of music, for some a love of art, family, sport or business.  For some its the love of nature, academic learning or raising children.

We are all on a similar journey towards love, have our own internal truth’s and our own wisdom.

We are united through our unique differences that create the necessary tension for growth, acceptance, and compassion.

We have walked our own journey and see our role is to assist others to remember what love means to them, how to be in grace and celebration of who they are at all times.

Simply put: We help you master your energy, find calm in the chaos, get clear in your choices, get better results and to set yourself free in life and business.

Keith J Mason

Dramatically awakened 25 years ago, Keith sold his companies and established a retreat centre, where he taught and lived in community for 10 years.

A conscious channel, healer and energy master, Keith opens pathways to your Soul. The simplicity of his teaching invites you to be authentic, his stillness opens your heart, and your inner guidance comes alive.

As you master your divine energy, and remember who you are, you become free to choose the life that fulfils your heart.

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Our Offer

We get up front and personal. 

If you want powerful, direct, supportive and deep emotional and spiritual assistance that is transformational and sustainable, awakening your inner magnificence. We are the people for you.

When your emotions are important to you, when your health calls to you, when your relationships demand attention, when spirit reaches out and touches you. Call us.

When money, success, sex, business, and addictions are no longer enough, when depression is too much, or your world just demands something different. Call us. We will be able to assist you.

Outcome and solution focused over 6-12 weeks. We connect weekly, by phone for 60 – 75 mins.

Holistic in nature, you will expand your consciousness, find new, deeper awareness and apply effective new tools to everyday situations.

You will be surprised at the clarity, depth and strength you carry within. Call us and lets connect

You will be amazed at your personal and spiritual development from the Chakra Energy course.

Our meditation and advanced Soul Mastery online group will bliss you out on a weekly basis.

These small intimate groups are safe, respectful and open hearted, bringing fun, and transform your week.

Call us for our current schedule.

Incorporating the core aspects of Simplicity, Stillness and Resonance, we will create a personalised program around your needs and situation.

Connecting weekly by phone, we spend 3-12 months offering our energy, resonance, wisdom, experiences, and guidance
to unlock your own truths and find ways to implement new choices in safe and supportive ways.

Real, practical, and down to earth and in true life situations, you will awaken the master with yourself and thus bring a sustainable and grounded change to your life.

Call for a chat and to check availability.

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I cant stop my mind. My mind has a mind of its own!

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